16 January 2014

To the Cederberg with the lads

Last weekend we spent at Cedercot again - with Lydia, Richard and Xander. The boys drove up in this little yellow car that belongs to their grandmother. I think it really enjoyed its big adventure so far away from Rondebosch. So did the Lads - canine and human.  
Richard and Lad testing the water while I get a spot of tortoise hunting in.
The lads at lunchtime. Xander, PEST and Richard. Note the screw driver on the table. Lots of work was done.
Braai time.
 Paddling on the Twee.
Almost full moon, and
time for g & ts.
Lamplit dinners.
Fearsome ants that ran at us. They are Bal-byter ants, Camponotus. They apparently don't sting but spray formic acid. We skipped out of their way fast.
A Lynx Spider (Peucetia) in the bath.
Tails up!
 One morning, lots of these little white Kukumakranka flowers appeared. The Food Lady thinks they are Gethyllis verticillata.
And joy of joys! Tortoises! (Of the Angulate type - Chersina angulata).
Xander and Lydia experimenting with some night photography.
 A good time was had by all!


  1. Crikey hope you ushered the spider off the premises - you should have borrowed Gabe's spider catcher!

  2. I like the sound of the hunting, but the peep likes the sound of G & Ts!

  3. Love the Kumakranka and the tortoise:) Not so sure about the ants or spider although I wish them no ill. Looking at the humans in short sleeves out of doors makes me envious all wrapped up here in scarves and woolly coats.

  4. It was only a TINY spider.