14 February 2014


On Saturday afternoon Harvey came to be puppysitted. He and the PEST immediately started playing and sparring with the PEST's BEST deflated volley ball
while I cheered them on.
 It was quite a contest, that got ugly ...
then Harvey got mad and chased the PEST
pinning him to the ground till he snorted for mercy.
The victor. All of three months old.
Another game started,
 then some digging.
They just went onandonandonandonandonandonandon ...
Then they fell asleep. 
The next morning after the Alph left on his bike, we got some cellphone photos from Sue and Pauline and Thea who were climbing up Oppelskop.
We wished we could have been there having tea too, although the PEST was having a great time Harveysitting.
The view over Signal Head from Oppelskop. Robben Island in the distance. Thanks Sue for the photos.
Kerryn was feeling sick, so Phil came with us on a gentle Sunday puppy walk. This is Harvey putting on his fancy Harvey-harness.
We went to the greenbelt where the whole of Cape Town seemed to have congregated as we could hardly find a spot to park our car.
But luckily it wasn't too crowded and Phil threw sticks for the manic pups,
and we met lotsandlotsandlotsandlots of dogs.
Havey and the PEST enjoyed chasing squirrels
and meeting other dogs - well, the PEST doesn't look too sure about this massive mastiff.
Driving home to comfort Kerryn and welcome the Alph back from his ride in Phil's car with the fancy tartan dog sling.

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