24 February 2014

Toad Watch

OMG! What have we here?
Not a very tasty specimen are you?
The PEST tried to pick it up but he leapt back and now won't go near it.
But its very tempting - just a quick bite ...
Leaping Leopard Toad - I still have you covered.
Don't think you can escape bitter tasting Toad.
I can still see you,  
and I would happily sit here all night keeping an eye on you Toad, but the SPOILSPORT Foodlady grabs me and locks me in the back yard, and the next day you will be gone. But I will catch up with you in the night ...
Yes - I am keeping an eye on you too Miss High and Mighty.
Its hard work being a Scottie!
This is a Western Leopard Toad that has made itself at home in the garden. For more on these endangered amphibians, click here.

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