06 March 2014


Last Saturday we met Harvey and Phil (sadly Kerryn was at a work occasion in Paarl) and went to the Oranjezicht City Farm market just down the road from Harvey's house.
Harvey and the PEST played ...
while NitroCreamy made fabulous misty ice creams for the humans.
We walked in the fields and met a silly scarecrow,
and nearly lost the Alph and the Pest in the tomatoes and aubergines.
Harvey cooling off.
We spotted Chrisy and Telson across the Swiss Chard.
Then we looked around the stalls and bought some cool stuff
like Raspberry and Basil salad dressing ...
and, more up our streets, some Argentinian chorizo from Cure Charcuterie,
and good looking veges ...
and Tim Noakes eating plans and Scottie Science Diet Weight Control plans got a bit disrupted - especially when I found a whole mince samosa under the table. Yum.
The Alph flagged a bit and found a seat to rest, while the PEST contemplated disrupting the children's games below.
It was all a bit much for Harvey
so we bought some coffee at the Where's Wally Hat Coffee stand,
and found a place under the oaks to rest. (We attracted quite a lot of attention -
especially Harvey.)
Then we went back to Phil and Kerryn and Harvey's house to see where the basdadly basstids got in to do some burglarizing on Thursday morning,
and Harvey showed us that the TV was missing. "Maybe its fallen behind here." We were sorry for Phil because his laptop and hard drive with all his music, photos and movies on it were also taken.

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