07 March 2014

The Great Sea Point Scottie Walk

On Sunday we set out to join the Scottie Walk in Sea Point and as we arrived in Sea Point we realised that something was amiss. The road we were meant to turn into was closed with traffic police all around and WHO were all those people on the promenade?  
We found a spot to park near this typical Sea Point tree - leaning into the north-west away from the prevailing wind -
in amongst this festive crowd. It was a lovely cool day for a walk, no burning sun and no tearing wind
so we joined the Big Walkers to try and find the place where the Scottie Walk was meeting.
Just look at the crowds! Turned out, it was the 2014 Sunshine D Polar Ice-cream 10 km Big Walk that has over 20 000 walkers taking part - and is apparently the 3rd biggest sporting event in Cape Town. It raises funds for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. (This year the funds raised will be allocated to upgrading Parents Accommodation so that more parents of long-term patients can stay at the Hospital comfortably.)
But when we got to the meeting place, only one scottie - Mac - was waiting with his human, Pam. Then Estea arrived too, out of breath and worried about all her charges who were in various places around Sea Point trying to figure out how to make contact across the crowds. She told us we were meeting at the other end of Sea Point,
so off we set to find them all.
And very soon, we bumped into some of the Scotties - and a Westie called Leopold.
Then more started arriving. (Can you hear the bagpipes?)
The Food Lady was cross that we had forgotten our bandanas. (But we weren't fazed.) I think this handsome fellow is Fergus, but we can't remember for sure.
Our venerable friend, William, from past walks was here too.
Spot the odd dog out.
Spotted! I wondered if it was my friend Honey, but it wasn't. Pity.
A very beautiful girlfriend for Laddie. I think her name was Islay.
OMG - there were just so many scotties!
Having so much fun!
You can see the Food Lady and us in this photo taken by Paul Hackett.
On the way we passed Harvey's very own restaurant! Posh like him.
The Pest in the daisies. As you all know, Scotties like to walk the path less travelled. He looks like he is flagging rather. (And I am not referring to his waving tail.)
We had a bit of a tea stop and a rest on the lawn. This is me looking rather disdainful of all the youthful pesky pups around. I had had enough of yaps, and bumps and smelling 
but the Pest hadn't - and he and his Westie frend Leopold carried on falling over each other and bumping into everyone else - making a complete spectacle of themselves. Even Leopold's wheaten scottie sister, Nessie, looks disapproving.  
Tails up for a snack?
Eventually it was time for Leopold and Nessie to leave. Kissing the Lad goodbye on his nose.
But more and more Scotties kept on arriving ...
Here is Snippie sitting on his human, Irene's, lap, and Snoekie on her shoulder.
William being carried by his human Michelle - as he is very old.
William on Estea's lap, with another old gent, Mac, having a drink, with his human, Pam.
Happy Lad. He missed seeing his sister, Maggie May who never made it to the walk as her mom was recovering from a good wedding ...
Luckily the Alph made it home in his smart new cycling top without mishap,
and he and the Food Lady celebrated with a Bone Crusher beer. Note the hyena skull on the bottle. (Scotties, according to our vet, have the strongest bite on a pressure to body weight ratio, of all dogs so I expect it was a fitting beer to celebrate another successful Scottie Walk.)
Followed by a braai to try out our purchases from Oranjezicht City Farm Market:
Boerewors and Argentinian choritzo, farm veggies and special raspberry and basil salad dressing. AND we got to have a little taste of wors.
Then later on we had a Skype call from our human brother who is having a lovely time in South Korea. He has just moved into his own apartment near his school in Daegu and was preparing his first lessons.
Then we both passed out!

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