09 March 2014

Whistling wheels

Good luck for your ride this morning Alph. We will watch you whizz by under the bridge in a short while ...
I hear twittering that the wind is whistling around the peninsula. Not such fun for cyclists.
Waiting for the Alph. Lots of action on the side of the motorway,
and the Lad is a bit manic.
I think he spied Chloe, the JR from up the road that we like to scream and shout at.
We busied ourselves hunting goggas in the long grass,
while St George rode past looking for his dragon.
There is the Alph!
Stopping to say hi, and give us his jersey (it was quite chilly at the start). Just look at the Southeaster cloud building up over Table Mountain.
Getting ready to roll.
The Lad looking anxiously on as our Alph swished off again.
But what is that we see ... could it be, mmmm,
indeed YES, another Scot! We dragged the Food Lady to see. His name is Jock and he is keen to join the scottie walks.
There were so many dogs around
and kids,
and even meerkats? Nah - just a dog.
 Afterwards we went for a quick walk on Meadowridge Common.
and hunted squirrels in the wind
while the Food Lady looked at reeds in the wetland area.
Time to go home now!
PS: The Alph finished the Cycle Tour in four and three quarter hours. Well done our Alph!

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