30 March 2014

He who runs with wolves

Waiting for Pauline in the drizzle this morning
so that we could drive to Red Hill where we were going to link up with Alice and Maddie and Pippa and Claude. (It being too wet to attempt our new walk through unexplored territory - which we will save for next week's walk.) Red Hill was lovely - no more rain - but all wet and sparkly.
A new daisy for the Food Lady's Peninsula Lifer's List - Spikeleaf Ragwort (Senecio triqueter).
Some Altydbos (Staavia radiata) from the Bruniaceae or Blacktip family.
Tea and waiting for the Bouviers, with Pauline and the Alf. Me and the Lad having a drink and a biscuit. 
A visit from the Wolf Dog who the humans have encountered before. He and the Lad made friends, but then the Lad ran after them when they all ran off after Zandra, with the Food Lady in hot pursuit, shouting fearsomely and being totally ignored by the Lad. Eventually Zandra stopped and caught him for the Food Lady. Whooo but was he in trouble!
The Food Lady composed herself by looking at this beautiful Sticky Heath (Erica viscaria).
But for the rest of the walk, the Lad was on the Lead.
This walk is insanely full of ericas. There must have been at least 15 species, like this Erica pulchella
but I was more interested in hunting for tortoises. Not with much success, but I did find some tasty bergie pate to sample, which didn't win me any brownie points. At least I don't roll in it like someone else we know ...
Another erica - the Hangertjie (Erica plukenetii).
and some glittery Common Sunshine Conebushes (Leucadendron salignum).

Yet another erica - the Smooth Heath (Erica glabella).
Mmm - what have we here?
Oh no, not one of these tricky wooden things. When you have such a long body, its difficult to co-ordinate front and back legs when treading on poles. But we made it over. Pretty Struthiola bushes in the foreground.
And another erica - this one Erica abietina.
Pippa and Alice - who had eventually caught us up - with the Bouviers, who were very well behaved. So despite a few hitches, it was a lovely walk, and we look forward to some exploring next week if the weather is good.

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