09 March 2014

A Saturday stroll in Silvermine

Now what's happening? We had a walk this morning in the Constantia Greenbelt with the Foodlady so we are not sure why we are going out again in the evening - in our human brother's car too. #confused.
It was - walkies! #happy
Some Tritoniopsis flowers were out in the afternoon sun,
and some Velskoenblaar flowers (Haemanthus sanguineus)
Lots and lots of Honey Heaths (Erica ericoides) along the trail. #happyFoodlady.
A Honey Heath with me and the Alph disappearing round the corner. #tailsup.
Beautiful views looking back to Fish Hoek and Simons Town.
Autumnal scene.
Ericas and Tritoniopsis in the evening glow.
Two happy Scots.

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