24 February 2014

Toad Watch

OMG! What have we here?
Not a very tasty specimen are you?
The PEST tried to pick it up but he leapt back and now won't go near it.
But its very tempting - just a quick bite ...
Leaping Leopard Toad - I still have you covered.
Don't think you can escape bitter tasting Toad.
I can still see you,  
and I would happily sit here all night keeping an eye on you Toad, but the SPOILSPORT Foodlady grabs me and locks me in the back yard, and the next day you will be gone. But I will catch up with you in the night ...
Yes - I am keeping an eye on you too Miss High and Mighty.
Its hard work being a Scottie!
This is a Western Leopard Toad that has made itself at home in the garden. For more on these endangered amphibians, click here.

Saying bye to Si

 After our rescue of the Alph, we had a farewell party for Simon. Harvey and Phil and Kerryn came for lunch.
Laddie was so happy to have Harvey to play with. "You just crack me up Harvey" he is saying.
Harvey really likes the water, and although we both like water too, we do NOT do swimming pool water!
Look at them all in there - cheers Simon!
Resuming play ... 
Then it was tea time and Clare made Simon a beautiful cake.
Simon, Olivia, Clare and Hugh.
Hugh - reading something in his hand - with Olivia and Margie.
Even Mike came to say farewell to Si,
bringing some interesting beers.
More swimming
Now he is just showing off.
The Pest watching safely from behind the fence.
Harvey making another friend - Arti.
Tea and scones and cake with Omie Domes, Petrus, Pippa, Kerryn, Phil - and me - or rather, my tail. There are always good pickings at these events!
Sophie and Gabriel playing Lego.
Harvey warming up with his mom.
The Pest out for the count.
Me waiting for crumbs to fall ...
They all went to admire Olivia's new car.
One cool gel in one cool car!
Robert and Jane called in on their way back from Daisy - what is it with writing on hands today!
Then the last photograph of the night - with the Alph, Phil. Sonya, Simon and Kerryn.
The next morning Simon said goodbye to me,
and the Pest,
and the next thing we hear, he has flown to South Korea where he seems to be having a blast!

21 February 2014

Rescuing the Alpha Male

Last Sunday we waved goodbye to the Alph and made plans to meet up with him later. Nobody was joining us today as they all had other plans in the heat so we were faffing around much better when we had a phone call from the Alph to say he needed rescuing as his tyre exploded in the middle of Simonstown. So off we set through all the cyclists and joggers
along the road to Simonstown
where we found the Alph stranded in the middle of a huge running race. We loaded the bike,
said a quick hello (and a quick christen) of the Just Nuisance statue - you can see me in the foreground picking up some wee-mail -
and we fought our way back through the Peninsula Marathon runners to Fish Hoek where the Alph had parked his car.
We parked our car and walked along the road - still filled with runners -
and over the railway line to Fish Hoek beach,
which wasn't looking its best ...
but on the beach it was lovely and cool.
I felt positively perky.
Lots of people and dogs and fun.
We had a swim in the lagoon, and watched the runners pounding across the bridge. The PEST wanted to chase the seagulls bobbing around, but is a bit wary of the water
so he chased some wolf dogs away instead.
Then we had tea.
Walking home while a bright orange kite-surfer and matching beachwalkers entertained the Food lady.
We met Archie, who belongs to Penny and John, some friends of the humans. It was a lovely morning, and we still had our human brother's farewell tea to look forward to.