13 July 2015

Mole catching and mowing - and a walk

The weekend started with Laddie attacking the mower,
while I watched with extreme disdain.
Sunday dawned rather wild and windy and wet, so the walk up Oppelskop was cancelled, but at about midday it stopped raining so we decided to take a chance with the weather and have a quick walk in Cecilia Forest - but "no arsing around".
Everything was rather drippy. These are little sorrel leaves - possibly Oxalis eckloniana.
We decided to take Robbie's Walk down again - through the blombos,
and into the forest - past this rock that must have recently fallen on the path.
Lots of mushrooms and toadstools coming up,
but I had to keep a leery eye out for falling trees.
I was glad to be out in the open again with some cheerful pink Red Heaths (Erica abietina subsp. atrorosea) to brighten up the gloom.
There were lots of smells and interesting things to investigate ... maybe this is arsing around? But the Alph didn't seem to mind.
When we got home I was inspired to do a bit of digging in the back yard and look what I unearthed eventually! A mole!
A Cape Golden Mole to be exact. The Food Lady told my I was really clever but she whipped it away and I saw it squirming and wiggling and then she let it go over the fence where it immediately dug down into the soil so I couldn't finish my game. Such a spoil sport!

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