10 July 2015

The Rubbi Road church walk

We met Sue and Honey, and Pauline at the top of Rubbi Road, and set off up the sandy path past the church,
up and up and then back when the Food Lady realised she was on the wrong path.
A quick bundu bash and we were back on the track up to the Cobra Camp ruins.
A pretty Tritoniopsis in the burned area,
and I found a tortoise legging it away from us - looking as if it had also been in the fires. But it was fine and the Food Lady wouldn't let me take a few more scales off it.
There were lots of things coming up in the ashy sand including some toadstools but I was so fired up looking for tortoises that I didn't notice any imaginary wee folk lurking.
Pretty soon we were up on the top, the red- and-orange-attired hikers out front, the Food Lady and me behind. But where was the idiot Lad?
Deep in the fynbos hunting for mice.
There were lots of flowers out: this Hangertjie (Erica plukenetii),
and the Creeping Snakestem Pincushion (Leucospermum hypophyllocarpodendron).
We chose a spot for tea on a comfortable flat rock where us watchdogs could at least have a good view of the surroundings.
Pauline, Honey, Sue and the Alph.
I was a little way off checking out some formidable rock monsters,
I mean, look at the size of this dog! Flipping snary!
After tea we went to the end of the path and turned round and walked all the way back. You can see the sea in the distance and the edge of Scarborough.
It was just perfect cool weather, and perfect fynbos for us Scots!
And this Orange-breasted Sunbird thought so too and let everyone know how happy he was.
By the end of the walk we were quite pooped
and in need of refreshment.
Back past Cobra Camp ruins and graffiti,
past a bouncy and happy and friendly Bouvier,
snapping up a few more flowers - a Rooippypie (Gladiolus priorii)
and a daisy of sorts - possibly Bergharpuisbos (Euryops abrotanifolius),
down the sandy path
and through the Gum Tree Avenue
to the Rubbi Road church. Lad went to investigate,
but Honey got straight into Sue's car and said "Take me home please!"
At home, the humans had a delicious gin and tonic
and we got some bones to bury in the garden.

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  1. lost touch with your blog when the daily CPT photo faded. Hiking, flowers and your garden looks interesting. Found this one as I was IDing the flowers we saw at Agulhas in July.