29 June 2015

Two walks, some birthdays and a party

On Sunday morning the Food Lady bundled Laddie and me into the car and left Harvey and the Alph at home with Phil and Kerryn to cope with the loadshedding. It was a Scottie Walk! We arrived at the Jack Muller Park to find a scattering of Scotties (most of them were still cuddled up in their warm beds because it was rather a chilly morning). But Scotties love the cold. Laddie was instantly and totally and utterly smitten with Blair - who really was rather young for him - 9 months.
Pam, Mac's mom, gave me lots of treats because she knew it had been my birthday yesterday. Nine years old!
It was also Bailey and Angus's first birthday today and their humans brought lots of treats for us and the other humans. It was delicious. You can see me in the photo with my red bandana - just waiting for a crumb.
Our friend Snippie was there,
with her sister Snoekie and brother Knapie.
And of course, Mac, who doesn't really like the antics of the youngsters.
Just look at them all racing around.
A little Red-headed Finch trying to get a better view of the goings-on below. There were a few of these birds - probably escapees from an aviary because they are not meant to occur in Cape Town.
Then, in the afternoon, we went for another walk in Cecilia Forest with Paul. This time Harvey was allowed to come too. It was a pretty cold day - but the group in front were optimistic about the sun!
I love to linger behind, savouring the smells of the forest,
and investigating the possibilities of little things to chase or eat - imaginary and real - just like I used to do with Dougal who died exactly two years ago.
Laddie bounding across the scary snary stream just like Dougal used to - with lurgies hot on his heels.
There were lots of ericas coming out - like these Erica hispidula bushes with their teeny tiny flowers.
We climbed up and up and found a spot for a tea break where we could see the moon and all the way to the Hottentot Hollands Mountains.
Chin chin!
The Alph even tried some foraged botanicals in his gee and tee.
Laddie being adventurous,
then getting a bit of vertigo and retreating.
Harv was shivering with the cold, so we had to move on again.
A weird little restio spikelet with several flowers with curly appendages (awaiting comment on iSpot).
Coming down the concrete jeeptrack with views over Muizenberg.
We looped round back to Robbie's Walk which took us down into Cecilia through a deep dark gum forest.
Then out into the light again - welcomed by a lonesome Chasmanthe flower.
We were down in the nick of time, just as the setting sun lit up the distant hills.

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