02 June 2015

Rainy Daisy

We have not had a very good week as we have had coughs and a trip to the VET, but to compensate, we were allowed to go with the humans to Daisy. (Harvey went to spend the weekend with his mom and other grannie.) The house is looking a bit forlorn so we met Jandre who said he was happy to paint and repair the house. Then, after a bit of gardening and illegal racing down the road when their backs were turned, we went off to order some fish 'n chips - and here we are waiting and keeping an eye on the border collie outside the fish 'n chips shop.
While we waited for the fish, we had a quick walk around the lighthouse which has been all spruced up too.
It was a dark and stormy evening, with the moon looming in and out of the clouds and poor old Lad was a bit spooked. His tail was right between his legs and his ears down. Not sure what he was on about, the silly boy.
We came to a sign in the gloaming saying "Southernmost tip of Africa: 150 m" so we turned around and walked in the direction the sign was pointing 
and soon found ourselves on the very very tip!* But just look at our alarmed faces - even I was beginning to feel strange and panic-stricken. Maybe its the ghosts of all the animals and people who have died in shipwrecks along this coast. We were very grateful to get back to Daisy and supper and bed.
The next morning it was raining, so we were invited up onto the bed for a lie in. We actually would have preferred to go racing down the road chasing francolins, but we were locked in.
Eventually it stopped raining and we set out for a walk in the hills above Suiderstrand. It was quite wet up here on the limestone.
Lad, tail horizontal now, looking over the fish traps at Rasperpunt.
There were lots of cheerful little sandkalossies (Lachenalia rubida) which are always the first of the winter bulbs to flower.
On we went, down the hill and towards the beach. It was easy to keep the Alph in sight with his bright yellow cap that matched the Bitou bushes perfectly.
Back on the beach and some fish biltong to chew on.
The roads had turned into wading puddles just for me.
Then soon it was time to drive back to the Harvey and a nice warm fire. (See the Alph's sandy boots drying out in front of the fire.)
*We discovered afterwards that dogs are not really welcome here - even on leads - but as we were walking along the beach in the night and didn't see any no dog signs, we didn't know.  


  1. Mmmm.... Fish biltong I had a treat like that (which I loved) but it made me vomit, so She stopped buying it for me... :(

  2. I did wonder whether fish biltong might mean yet another visit to the vet;) Take care there.