26 May 2015

Intaka to Tokai

On Sunday the Food Lady left us again to go and do her birding. What humans do for fun! We just chase birds. Anyway, this is Intaka Island which is a beautiful wetland in the middle of the city.
There were lovely walks - but presumably not for dogs - although the Food Lady did see a Labrador swimming in the river near the apartments as this is all wall to wall housing development.
Some of them most attractive!
The Food Lady was happy to see that she is not the only one who cant spell or proofread.
There were lots of exciting birds to see like this Purple Heron,
and lots of Yellow Canaries eating Camphor Bush (Tarchonanthus littoralis) seeds.
And the Food Lady got a certificate. And she met Antje and Bernard who came walking with us once a while back with Thea. (Click here to go to the post.)
Then when she EVENTUALLY got back, we all went for a lovely walk in Tokai Park. It was lovely to get into the cool cool pool.
Not a hellovalotta flowers around - but some pretty Suikerbossie flowers (Protea repens) to get the Food Lady off birds and back into flowers.
We bumped into a pod of Cairns who were very friendly and, like Scotties, kept heading off with the wrong humans.
I think winter is coming ...
as it gets dark rather early now. Looking forward to a snooze in front of the fire at home.

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