02 May 2015

Sundowners in Cecilia

Last Sunday we opted for an evening walk due to the Scottie Walk taking place that morning. Two walks a day! Was it my birthday? We met Paul and Pauline at Cecilia carpark and headed up to the waterfall. (Just thinking that the poo-throwers at UCT should demand that Cecilia Park changes its name as it too commemorates that stinky arch-colonialist.)
There are few flowers around and it is very dry, but these pretty Cape Rushes (Juncus capensis) were flowering away in one of the streams.
The light was very pretty with the sun setting over Table Bay
and a cool mist creeping over the mountain behind us.
With the sun well over the yard arm, we stopped for sundowners: the perfect g and t,
some eau-de-Kaap for me 'n the Lad,
and some fabulous red that Paul poured out of his camera lens. What a joke!
While they admired the setting sun, I checked for Sambar deer and baboons, and the Lad just looked his normal puzzled self.
Muizenberg with a cloudy tablecloth.
It started getting late and gloamy, so we packed up and set off down the path - you can see that the Kirstenbosch Dam is almost completely empty.
It got darker and darker,
and by the time we got down, the only way the Food Lday could see me was to camera trap me.
City lights
and a shake, rattle and roll from the not-so-difficult-to-see-in-the-dark Lad. It was such an enjoyable walk that we have decided to do an evening walk more often.

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  1. You boys go on some amazing walks, your posts always make me jealous!