28 April 2015

Rumbles and rambles at Rhodes Mem

On Sunday morning we went on the April Scottie Walk at Rhodes Mem.
I found a very nice lady with a packet of delicious snacks, and decided to spend the rest of my life with her. Well, at least someone appreciates me!
This is Maggie-May, the mad, bad Lad's sister.
And this is Dougal. Quite a handsome chap. I took a bit of a shine to him. Maybe he reminded me of my late and oh so lamented big brother.
A Scottie tête-à-tête. I was just telling Dougal what a clown the Lad is. Laddie got cross and snapped at Dougal.
And Haggis snapped at Dougal too. I think they all identified that he was the best looking and were jealous.
Everyone goes soft over the puppies ...
even Laddie - his tail furiously wagging.
And talking of wagging - is this a wag of wheatens?
It was hot and dusty - but still pretty spectacular when we rounded the edge of Devils Peak and surveyed the fog-enveloped city below.
On the way back I chased butterflies with Maggie-May and Kirby,
and we came across a chocolate border collie with a bandaged paw. Laddie really has a thing for border collies!
Eventually I had to say goodbye to my new best friend,
'cause we wanted to show Maggie-May and Kirby where the deep dark forest from last month's walk was.
But luckily we some more biltong snacks before we left so all in all, it was a thoroughly good walk.


  1. Oh my dog! So, so, so many Scotties!! Looks like a ball!!

  2. I love the last photo, Scotties en masse at attention:) What a lovely Scottie dog post!