01 April 2015

Three black dogs on a burnt mountain

On Sunday we drove past the burned slopes of Kalk Bay to Fish Hoek where we met Alice and Maddie,
AND Sue and Honey. It was lovely to see them again. Honey still doesn't really like me though.
We walked towards Elsie's Peak from Ravine Steps, through the burned area from last November's fire that nearly burned Alice's house down.
It was hot and sandy, but things were beginning to grow back again.
All these leucadendrons are re-sprouting from the base.
There were lots of asparagus plants (maybe A. rubicundis) coming up in the burned areas - this one with its own crab spider.
Round the corner we could see over Glenciarn and all the way to Cape Point. Laddie doesn't appreciate the views like me though, just look at him diving into the fynbos after some imaginary rodent. What a clot.
This is Maddie's favourite look out point - so I joined her. 
And so did Honey - with a bit of persuasion from Sue and the photographing phood lady.
Then I saw the Easter Bunny popping up from behind the rocks!
Alice took us on the Path-Less-Trodden, past the False Heath (Audouinia capitata) which wasn't flowering yet,
and past some very fragrant Box Phylica (Phylica buxifolia),
and a small Sticky Heath (Erica viscaria subsp. viscaria) coming up in the middle of the path.
And growing and glowing on the edge of a rock was this Fynbos Aloe (Aloe succotrina).
A pair of Cape Rock Thrushes were hitching a ride on a rock monster.
Then it was tea-time overlooking Fish Hoek and False Bay. Laddie just couldn't sit still for a second and dived off into the bushes - leaving his tail in the photo.
He is just like Dougal and leaps and scuffles around in the fynbos all the time
just hoping to find a lizard to chase ...
After tea we set off down another Path-less-Trodden - me kicking up my heels.
It was rather steep!
Some edge-to-edge carpeting belonging to the fire-starting, porcupine-trapping vagrants that live up here.
Back down on the road - with the Shark Spotters under the umbrellas behind us.
On the way home we passed this family begging on the island in the middle of the busy road at the Ladies Mile-Spaanschemat intersection. The Food Lady is always sorry for the kids and hopes they don't get run over by a mad, speeding car.
And when we got home we found this huge grasshopper trying to get into the car. Well, we didn't see it or it would have been a very dead grasshopper!


  1. Everything looks so hot and pleasant: we have new snow back here in Sheffield, but then you might like roll and play in it:)

  2. You guys go on the best adventures!

  3. Hi,When in Paris recently I ttok a photograph especially for you but cannot paste it into your comments section:(
    I will try to email it to you!

  4. Could not find an email for you but will post the photo on one of my blog posts and let you know when:)

  5. My email is cnbookish@gmail.com