23 March 2015

To the deep dark forest

Scottie Walk Sunday! The Golden Boy (recognizable by his tail) with the Alph, waiting for the action to start at Rhodes Mem.
MacGuyver, who is almost as crazy as the Lad, was there,
as well as these two aristocratic Scotties
and our very beautiful friends Doogie and Bayley.
Laddie was terribly smitten by the blonde bombshell Nessa.
She is rather pretty.
Mila -not too sure what is gong on (but with that crazy MacGuyver around her all day, I would also look a bit frazzled!).
I never said anything to MacGuyver about what might happen if he came too close ...
A cat face to pee upon.
A westie called Leopold was leading the way.
There were quite a few bikes whizzing past, but we all resisted the temptation to chase them.
Luckily the idiot Lad was so taken up with sniffing Nessa that he didn't notice any bikes.
We soon left the bike track and headed up the mountain on a pawpath,
past some stately Silver Trees (Leucadendron argenteum),
and lots of Cape Autumn Widow butterflies (Dira clytus) that love the long grass.  
Angus emerging from the deep dark forest. Did he find that stag that we once chased? - he looks a bit alarmed.
All of us taking a water break in the deep dark forest. I schmoozed around looking for snack handouts but didn't have much joy today.
There was also time for a photo session. Some of the Scotties posed elegantly,
and others ran like hooligans through the forest; Laddie no doubt hoping to find a stag or a squirrel.
Picture perfect: Mila, Doogie and Bayley.
Some of us were thirsty and hot,
so I was NOT impressed when the Alph and Food Lady said we were not going back with the group but were pressing onwards and upwards. Bye bye friends.
But luckily we bumped into Shelley and Serge's elegant Border Collie.
And luckily too, we didn't bump into this Blister Bush (Notobubon galbanum).
Eventually the path came back down,
but I was too hot and bothered to even say hello to two Border Terriers who passed us,
and I refused to walk along the bicycle path when the Food Lady set off again to look for a parcel of poo she had left behind a tree stump. I just carried on down and the Alph had to run after me.
We could still see the end of the Scottie Walk waiting in the car park, but by the time we got there, they had all left - some to have tea in the tearoom, and some to go and play cricket in Fish Hoek. All in all though, it was FUN.

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  1. I can see why he was so taken by Nessa... Oo-la-la!
    (Don't let my Jazzi read that...)