16 March 2015

A working-walking weekend @ Riversong

On Sunday we drove up to the Cederberg in the new car. We had to stop at Rietdakkies farmstall to stock up with some Hanepoot grapes, and I made friends with a little girl and her brother while we waited.
Then we got to the cottage to find that we couldn't get into the bathroom - and Bernard-the-farm manager and the Alph banged and hit and thoroughly rattled everything  - including us Scotties - but eventually they managed to break the lock and open the door.
Then the Alph disappeared under the sink with a bleeping thing and did some more alarming banging. But eventually he came out and said he was defeated,
so we went for a walk to find somewhere to cool down as it was fiercely hot.
Even the Lad got a bit wet and had to shake, rattle and roll in the dusty sand afterwards.
We collected some firewood and walked home but the Alph and the Food Lady were rather depressed because there was not a drop of water in the house and no-one really seemed to know why.
The next morning joy of joys! there was water in the cottage. The mood lifted somewhat and the Alph decided to go and find out was going on with the water pipes and tanks. We admired our new wheels, glinting in the morning sun,
and set off with the Food Lady, leaving the Alph went to walk through the prickly veld along the water pipe. There were lovely Grey-leafed Proteas (Protea laurifolia) all along the road - some new and sparkly and silver,
some old and gold. Waiting for a fire to release the seeds.
The Alph had met Bernard and we met up with them both, and walked up to the tanks with Bernard's young pup, Optel. He was very deferential to Laddie who was acting rather pugnaciously (ever since the idiot caught his rat he has been a bit overbearing).
The N-for-Notten tank that takes quite a while to fill up with water for our cottage. As the water pressure is very low at this time of the year, and a lot of the cottages are using water to water their silly lawns, it took a whole day to fill the tank - but at least we knew that nothing was really wrong.
We continued on our walk with a spring in our steps and our tails up high. This is a Kleinmaartblom (Brunsvigia striata) growing on the path to the tadpole pools.
Sugarbirds irritate us Scotties with their tantalisingly small-mammal-like calls.
Pretty patterns: Common Sunshine Conebush (Leucadendron salignum) and twining Devils Tresses (Cassytha ciliolata).
Tea at the Tadpole pools.
Laddie wanted Optel and his black lavatory door brother to come with us, but Bernard called them back.
We all had a last swim in the cold water,
and Lad had another sand shake, rattle and roll,
then we walked back past these bright Skilpadbessie berries that we think Phil would like to use to make a delicious gin and tonic drink.
On the road again, past Prince Alfred's Hamlet,
with ribbon clouds weaving in and out of the mountains.  
I was pooped. Luckily I had the whole of the back seat of our brand new Subaru to myself
as the idiot insisted on sleeping on the floor in a rather cramped and uncomfy space. Such a funny Lad.

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  1. Geez must have been pooped! You're not even looking out the window or anything!