10 March 2015

Fire on Table Mountain

After the Scottie walk, the wind - and all the vagrants living in the fynbos above Boyes Drive (and whose leavings I so enjoy)  - caused half the mountain to burn in a huge runaway veldfire. At least that is what the Food Lady thinks happened as the fire started near Pecks Valley where we saw all the vagrants living and smoking and leaving their smashed bottles (and other more delicious stuff) around. This photo was taken on Tuesday 3 March from near our house, and shows "the crags" area of Silvemine and Elephant's Eye cave on fire.It burned down into Tokai too and set lots of pine trees and a few houses alight too.
(You can read about how Storm and Sandy's human's house in Noordhoek  burned down on their human father's blog here. Storm, a border collie, and her older sister Sandy walk with us most mornings at Wynberg School.)
The wind and the extreme heat were very bad, and the fires raged for a few days. We could see their glow from our garden one morning.
And that smokey, ashy Wednesday morning, Gremlin the idiot cat even came over into the house making odd noises, and we had to be held back from chasing her. She never does that!
Even when the fires were over and we went to the beach on Thursday to walk with Omie Domes and the spaniels,
there was ash and soot all around, especially on the high tide line.
And it was still smoking in the Kalk Bay hills.
All the workers were working on the fires, and the bins on the beach were overflowing with dog poo packets.
Some of the vagrants had moved into the dunes above Fish Hoek now that their "homes" have been burned, much to the delight of us dogs who can how nip up there for a quick snack of bergie paté. I just hope they don't start another fire ...

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