16 March 2015

Old girls - and the Argus lite

Just a short catch up:
The Sunday before last, the Food Lady went up to Johannesburg to an "old girls" reunion at her old school.
 She stayed with Louise and a cat called Phoebe slept on her bed. Ooooh, I would have chased that Pheebee right off the bed and out the window.
Here are the old girls having lunch.
The Food Lady got to meet Benjamin - a very handsome Scottie who lives with Nita and Ian and a Jack Russell called Toby in Johannesburg. The Food Lady was sorry that she couldn't get to see Nessa, Logie and Jasmine too. Maybe next time ...
Another pic of some of the old girls having fun.
Apparently her school hasn't really changed much. Just got posher and prettier.
There were some lovely fairy paintings and a fairy stage in the pre-primary school. We love chasing fairies ...
especially indigenous flower fairies.
It looks like paradise - even a CAT to chase!
Louise and Jenny pretending to be little girls instead of old girls in the fairy garden.
Some of Louise's beautifully embroidered cushions in the junior school library. These are seriously indulged little girls!
The Food Lady was happy to see that the indigenous "Koppie" was still there - she spent many happy times bunking out up there. A very old girl, Mary Maytham Kidd, was inspired to paint the book on flowers of the Cape Peninsula that the Food Lady uses all the time. She must have done some bunking out there too.  
The rosy path leading to the Food Lady's old study. (There were no roses in her day - only an old fig tree that used to supply leaves to put in the back of the poor music teacher's piano to annoy her.)
AND WHILE THE FOOD LADY WAS AWAY LADDIE CAUGHT A HUGE RAT! You can see it in the front of the photo. Well done Lad - following in the footsteps of the late and oh so lamented Doog. Lad was very chuffed.
Then on Sunday the Alph went and rode the Argus Cycle Tour which was only short this year as most of the route had been ravaged by fire. Then the Food Lady came home again and we were back to normal.

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  1. Wowie Laddie! Need to get you 'round to teach Alex how to catch his bunny!