20 April 2015

Walkies on the edge

Today we walked with Paul and Pauline again - seems ages since we saw them. We set off in the shade up the zigzags and then veered left towards Oppelskop.
It was a lovely cool autumn morning.
The Food Lady is borrowing Kerryn's mom, Sue's camera so things are looking up a bit ...
This is a Bergtontelbos (Gomphcarpus cancellatus) being eaten by an African Monarch (Danaus chrysippus) caterpillar.
Suddenly we emerged into the sun - the Lad's ridiculous tail well up.
Tea on the precipice at the Oppelskop ruin. Pauline, Paul, Me, the Lad's ears and the Alph - and the shadowy presence of the Food Lady on the Alph's back.
Pauline coming round the corner and back into the deep dark shade.
This is just my kind of walk because I love heights and balancing on the edge - and there are some pretty scary edges here - hence the lead!
A big, bold and beautiful Guernsey Lily (Nerine sarniensis) growing high on the cliff.
All pervasive was the sweet scent of Box Phylica (Phylica buxifolia) which even the humans could smell well. (Although the humans love the fragrance, we actually prefer the scent of fire-starting-bergie poo - which is in no shortage around the lower slopes of the mountain.)
This is always a good path for ericas - like this Red Erica (Erica abietina subsp. abietina) which is endemic to Table Mountain.
We reached the saddle of Devil's Peak and were keen to carry on up as there was plenty of dog activity up here - possibly because so much of Table Mountain has been closed to walkers after the big fires last month. But the Food Lady said it was time to turn back as it was starting to get a bit hot.
On the way back we saw this Waboom (Protea nitida) with a dead flower, a bud and a flower in full bloom - all on the same bush. The fynbos is really rather strange!
The hot slog home.
Then lunch with Phil and Kerryn who bought Harvey back to spend the week. Lad will be happy. You can see me under the table.
Poor old Lad had a bit of a tummy upset that afternoon - but he has fully recovered now.

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  1. The things you see and the beautiful views just blow us away!

    (glad Lad is feeling better)