23 June 2015

Happy Father's Day

It was Father's Day last Sunday and Phil and Kerryn stood the Alph to a happy father's day breakfast at a cooool coffee shop in Cape Town.
On the way home they went to see the Snowy Egret - an American bird that somehow got blown off its normal course and landed up in the Black River opposite the Observatory - much to the excitement of the birding community.
At first all they saw was a group of flamingos sunning themselves in front of some golfers,
and a Common Moorhen poking around in the litter. Then a pair of psychedelic yellow and black legs emerged - and a snowy white bird popped out from behind the reeds.
The Food Lady deployed her new camera's long lens and managed to snap it - definitely the Snowy Egret.
The Alph was not all that impressed. "Is that it?"
He said the reason it was there was that it saw the Snowflake factory and thought is was a good spot to spend a few days.
That afternoon we went for a walk in Cecilia Forest with Paul - all the way to the waterfall. Here is Paul taking some flowing shots.
The trees above the waterfall were looking crowdy and glowering. So we didn't linger, and sped on with Harvey in the lead - and the Food Lady in hot pursuit of him.
She still found time to do some photography - a soggy Restio quadratus with its square stems,
and a beautiful Green Protea (Protea coronata).
Afternoon tea at the look out point. Except it wasn't tea but Castle lager. Thanks Paul - the Food Lady really enjoyed it especially after sprinting up the hill after Harvey. 
And talking of Harvey, where is he?
"I think he is down there somewhere."
On the way down again we saw some Waboom flowers (Protea nitida),
and some extremely fragrant Box Phylica flowers (Phylica buxifolia). Then it was a downhill run after that mountain goat of a Boston terrorist.
There he is, gazing up into the gums hoping to see some squirrels.
I, on the other hand, like to take my time.
Back at the car we looked up to where we had just walked and saw that the mist was rolling in.
 Just in time to return to supper and a snooze in front of the fire. Its a dog's life! 

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