19 June 2015

Meeting Tessa

Last Sunday Phil and Kerryn and the Harv joined us for a walk, and we met up with Thea and Sue at Scarborough. Sue had brought Honey with her and Thea brought her new puppy Tessa to meet us. Laddie was smitten from the start.
We were walking in the Baskloof Nature Reserve which belongs to someone that the Alph knows AND who we got permission from!
Up and up we climbed, with Scarborough below us.
Honey stayed right behind Sue, while the Lad and Tessa gambolled around like the idiot whippersnappers they are.
There are not all that many flowers out - but enough to keep the Food Lady going - especially as she now has a new little hiking camera. This is probably the rare Peninsula Honeybush (Cyclopia galioides). 
Harvey coming to check up on the slowpokes.
Soon we reached Platkop peak.
It was quite breezy - but nothing we Scots cant handle.
Phil in his arctic gear - updating his various social media feeds.
Honey found a comfy, sheltered spot,
while the rest of us perched on the edge for tea - the waves of misty cliffs below.
Kerryn, Phil, Thea, Sue and the Alf.
While the loons thumped and bumped around - almost tumbling down the hillside -
I just kept my dignity and calm.
On the way back there were lots of ericas out like these Erica abietina subsp. atrorosea
I could sense that something was watching us as we came down past the back of the houses along Hilltop Road. Luckily we didn't catch sight of it or there would have been hell to pay.
We just had a little stiff legged walking and pretend-growling around this local yokel instead.
Tessa could see other interesting things -
 so I went in to investigate ...
Soon we were back on the road.
Although we tried to pay for our permit, the lady wouldn't let us
so we went and bought beers and hot chocolate instead. Harvey looking regal on his mom's lap.
We hope Tessa had fun on her first walk with us.
Laddie wanted to be up like Harvey too. What a clown.
Back in Phil's car with the elegant dog's blanket that even has a pouch for the leads. No wonder Harvey looks so haughty.
And goodbye to Tessa and Honey - with a photo of the happy Food Lady with her new camera too.

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