08 September 2015

Sitting under tables - and a Scottie walk.

We had a good weekend starting with a walk in the vineyards on a rather hot Saturday - which included a swim in the muddy dam and a wild goose-chase.
Then we had to sit under the table with a bowl of water while the Food Lady and the Alf ate burgers and drank beer with Jamie and Harry from Edinburgh.
On Sunday morning we went on a Scottie walk in Sea Point.
It was very hot and Harvey and I were happy to find a muddy puddle with some lovely cool water to roll in.
There were lots of water breaks - but I was really only interested in snack breaks. This is Estie with Irene and Wally and Snippie.
It was lovely having Harvey joining us - and here we all are at the Rhinosaur.
But I (and some others) only had eyes for the snack lady.
Kirby caught a Frisbee - and Maggie May took it away from him -
and his mom took it away from Maggie May and gave it back to the people who were playing a complicated game with frisbees.
Laddie joined in the Frisbee hunt.
Harvey met a friend of his from the Vredehoek dog park - Lulu. She is on the right with her humans.
He also made several new scottie friends - even though he pulled tongues at one or two of the cheeky ones.
And here is my absolute favourite new human best amazing friend - the snack lady! Thank you - you restore my faith in humans. I love you.
This is Ollie - an honorary Scottie for the walks. A real gentleman.
The two skelms - Lad and Maggie May - going about their random business. Just look at those crazy tails!
Laddie's girlfriend Blair with her humans. Laddie just can't keep his nose off her - its quite embarrassing.
While Maggie-May and Kirby explored the promenade,
Laddie found a French Bulldog to square up with -
showing off in front of his pretty sister!
We then sat under the table again while Harvey and the humans got to sit at the table and drink Cointreau fizzes and eat bacon and egg, well, Harvery didn't exactly do any eating or drinking ...
It was nice to see Olivia who waitresses at La Vie restaurant.
We then went home and had some fun digging for moles,
and chasing squirrels in the delicious sunshine while the Food Lady went out with Jamie and Harry.
Wishful thinking!

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