31 August 2015

Beneath the trees where nobody sees

On Sunday Pauline, the Alph, the Food Lady, Phil and Harvey joined us for a walk. It was wildly windy so we de-camped to Newlands Forest which is always sheltered from the prevailing winds and set off into the deep, dark, Sambar-deer-filled forest.
We crossed the rushy river,
and explored the canyon (can you spot moi?)
beneath the trees where nobody sees,
and climbed up Newlands Ravine - up and up into the Southeaster mist at the top.
Tea-time - with the Food Lady, us, and Phil with his beanie on as it was quite chilly. Pauline was somewhere in there too and the Alph took the photo. 
After tea, the Alph, Phil, Laddie and Harvey carried on up, but the Food Lady and Pauline turned back. So there I was, in the middle, torn between the two. And what does one do in a situation like that? You stay put! Stubbornly put.
Eventually I had to follow the gels down, reluctantly and half carried by the Food Lady, but joy of joys! After about 10 minutes, the boys re-appeared and we were happily (albeit Scottie-restrainedly) re-united.
Then they left me behind after that, so I thought I would try some trail-running to catch up,
but found the naughty-pine roots a bit much so I had to settle back into a gentle trot.
Besides, I didn't want to finish the walk too quickly. But all good things come to an end.
And afterwards we went to visit Harvey's new house for the first time. This is his super-stylish grassy patch which I sampled and approved of. I also sampled some of the fertiliser in the pots which earned me a rebuke from the Food Lady when some soil spilled out. Such a fuss pot!
Phil was getting the gee and tees sorted
using special gin, fancy Fever Tree tonic water and all sorts of trendy indigenous cordials to add zing and zest.
It was all too much for the Harvester who took to his bed
while Kerryn (who was rather full of cold and sore throat) showed us round their lovely house.
Sadly I just couldn't make it up the stairs even though Harvey told me it was easy. I then fell down rather undignifiedly but luckily I didn't break my neck, but just rolled down, proving that being plump has its advantages.
PS Hope you are feeling better Kerryn.

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