12 August 2015

Women's Day weekend walkies

We had an amazing long weekend with lots of walks. Starting off on Friday we were doing our usual walk with the spaniels when we were joined by the Food Lady's brother down from the skies,
and then Michele, Estea and Irene joined us too with Lily, Snoekie and Snippie. We had such a fun walk!
Then on Saturday we went for another walk in the vineyards of Constantia with Pippin,
and Honey - and their humans, and several other dogs too.
Ducks NOT allowed to be chased!
We passed a fairy castle,
and were joined by an old sation who seemed to take a shine to me.
Being good dogs as we passed the squirrel trees.
I had a dip in the dam,
and one of the other dogs had a swim.
It was nice to have Pippin to keep me company at the back.
Then on Sunday we walked to the Kleinplaas Dam,
which is fairly full.
There is a monster in the dam!
Maybe it is like the Nyaminyami monster and hates the river being dammed -
and maybe that is the one looking for its friend in the water. Yikes!
The humans were not too concerned about the Kleinplaas monster, and the Food Lady took some pics of Erica plukenetti with its upturned leaves
and lots of liquorice-scented buchus (Agathosma lanceolata). We wondered if our human brother would like to add it to his Botanical Gin cocktails.
Walking down towards Long Beach,
in our absolutely favourite walking conditions - cool and splashy.
Tails up! There were hundreds of purple ericas,
and the Food Lady says they are Erica parviflora.
The daisies are out and spring is in the air.
My view of the pebbles in the stream we crossed and re-crossed - Scottie heaven.
Quite a lot of little scoly proteas (Protea scolymocephala) that are red listed as vulnerable in the wild, grow here -
so no wonder I was a bit slow ... too much to take in.
We ended the walk at the Lewis Gay dam with its Black-headed Heron on duty.
More daisies for the Food Lady,
and some enticing baboon/caracal/whatever smells for us.
On Sunday night, Harvey came to stay with his humans and on Monday we all went for another walk with Omie-Domes on Fish Hoek beach. Harvey was super-charged and chased Kerryn,
had a tug of war with the mad Lad,
and generally had such a blast. Not a bad life for dogs here - just not enough food for my liking .

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