03 November 2015

Rainy Sunday

Sunday morning was pelting down with rain, but we drove out to Milnerton for the Scotty Walk with high hopes that the rain would stop. After all, only 2 mm had been forecast for the whole morning! But after about 200 mm had fallen, it was cancelled. We handed over our donations to Fallen Angels Pet Shelter to Melanie and Le Roux and said goodbye to Angus and Bailey, 
and Maggie May. We agreed to meet up later if the rain stopped. 
And indeed it did - and here is Junette arriving with Maggie-May and Kirby.
On the fynbos fringe we met a naughty Basset Hound who was ignoring his parents as they whistled and shouted for him. Now who does that remind me of?
Laddie and his sister were racing through the forest after squirrels like two little ghosts, disappearing and re-appearing.
We all had a dip except Laddie.
Kirby is a bit crazy about sticks and branches and swims out to retrieve them like a Labrador.
Sibling love.
It was such fun!
We walked through the fynbos which is full of the most exciting flowers for the Food Lady
like this Moraea lewisiae  
and the critically endangered, beautiful Rondevlei Spiderhead (Serruria foeniculaceae).
There was a rainbow too - and this isn't me, its Kirby. I think he is rather cool, but I am not really interested in cool Scotties anymore - I prefer food.
And talking of food, isn't it way past suppertime? I was lagging behind due to starvation.
It started raining a bit, but nothing like this morning.
Kirby tried to bring this branch home,
hanging on for dear life when the Alph tried to take it away.
Kirby and me found a dead snake - someone had smacked it on the head which made the Food Lady cross because Mole Snakes are harmless, even if they can bite when provoked, and fulfil a useful role in the ecosystem. I don't think the Food Lady likes humans very much as she is always saying how horrible they are. She definitely prefers Scotties even though we would like to bite the head off any snake that came our way.
We thought this would be a nice place for a Scottie Walk, but the sign is rather rude, and you need to have SANParks dog permits to come here though no-one ever has checked.
Eventually we got the branch away from the Branch Manager, Kirby, said our goodbyes and went home for supper.

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