17 November 2015

Walkies with Harvey and a stroll through the open gardens of Elgin

Apologies for the lazy Food Lady who just never gets down to updating my blog anymore. We are both getting on and there is not enough time in the day anymore to get things done and all the smells smelled.
 So to re-cap - we went on a walk with the Alph, our human brother, our canine "nephew" and Kerryn while the Food Lady went gallivanting across the county looking at gardens with Omie Domes and Jane. This is us saying goodbye to the Food Lady.
We picked up Phil, Kerryn and Harvey and walked from their old house in Vredehoek - up and up the gravel road,
till we reached Tafelberg Road.
I was keen for a swim, but it looked a bit tricky to get in there.
Come on you lot!
Phil walking in the clouds.
We met a bunch of Bosties
and enjoyed a delicious swim.
Hot dogs.
I was happy to get home to Harvey's bed while the humans had brunch.
And while we were slogging away on the mountain, they saw some wondrous gardens
and wandered down avenues of azaleas and rhododendrons -
like this pink one that hails from the Himalayas.
Some of the houses were guarded by dogs,
and some of the gardens had well-behaved dogs on leads in them.
They stopped for a locally made elderflower cider and were helped by this ridgeback,
and relaxed amongst the fruit trees with an elderly dachshund.   
Here is our elegant human grandmother among the roses,
and our equally elegant aunt, Jane, in the wild garden of Fresh Woods.

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