15 December 2015

Tis the season for the great Scottie Christmas walk

Sunday was the great Scottie Christmas Walk at Jack Muller Park in Belville. I wasn't sure if this was an angel or a reindeer but it was Macnamara.
Some of the Scotties looked very Christmassy,
but it didn't stop them from doing what Scotties do best -
Laddie and Maggie-May were happy to see each other!
And I wasn't all that thrilled to see Blair - puppies are not my best! (But she is a feisty little Scot having just recovered from being hit by a car.) Laddie loves her - but then he loves most dogs.
The walk got underway, with Lad and Maggie-May having a happy crazy time together.
Some of the walkers were slow and sedate,
some didn't want to walk at all,
and these Guinea Fowl were lucky that most of us were on leads!
Then Mother Christmas came to the park,
with two helpers,
and we all got presents - even the crazy Lad.
This is me getting mine. I was hoping for food but the Alph was being rather strict with my calorie intake, although I didn't really go hungry.
We sat around, some of us on laps,
others on tables,
and all of us enjoyed our nibbles.
Some were a bit perplexed as to where their nibbles were,
others were luckier. This is Mila and MacGuyver with their mother who makes tasty Scottie and Dachshund biscuits.
Maggie-May being a treat monster.
And this is Rascal, a 7-month old wheaten Scottie.
Some honorary Scotties came too - like Ollie - with his brother Scottie, Charlie.
These lovely photos (in frames) were taken by Macguyver and Mila's father - Nicky de Jager.
After all the fun, I was quite tired,
and even the little elves got tired and eventually everyone went home,
except the die-hards like Mac and Macnamara.
When we eventually got home Harvey came to play, and admired our new toys.
But the Lad wasn't going to share his presents from Maggie-May and Kirby. No siree!
He got yelled at and immediately apologised and told the Food Lady that he was only joking. I think we were all a bit over-excited.
The Food Lady and I used some of the lovely photos on the Scotties Cape Town Facebook Page - so thanks to Nicky de Jager, Vicky du Plessis and Jenny-Lynne Mynhardt for some of the images.

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