02 December 2015

Three in one

On Saturday the Food Lady went orchid hunting with Micky and Bob Marley. Bob Marley happens to be a ridgeback who we have never met, but he is apparently very good looking and well behaved - unlike us. Well, good looking we are ...
They saw lots of lovely orchids - too many to include here - but I thought a selection of four would suffice. There were bog-dwelling Vlei Disas (Disa racemosa),
and Disa tenuifolia flowers looking like little dancers,
a frilly Shield Orchid (Ceratandra atrata)
and some cliff-dwelling Disa glandulosa plants just starting to flower.
On Steenberg Peak. The Food Lady had lots of fun - with no wandering Scotties to distract her. 
Then later on that day we went for a lovely walk with Honey and Pippin and their humans in Cecilia Forest. Just look at all those blonde dogs! It was quite hot - not really my best weather.
The next day we joined the Sunday Scottie Walk on Dolphin Beach, Milnerton. It was a lovely warm day with a gentle cooling breeze. This is us saying hello to Maggie-May's mother, Junette.
And here is Lad trying to keep up with his sister, Maggie May
while I said hello to all the other Scotties as they arrived down the boardwalk. I am the one with the stylish red bandanna.
The front runners - Junette etc.
Me putting my best foot forward,
and being joined by another crazy wheaten youngster called Rascal. 
While Laddie (blue bandanna) and Maggie-May cavorted,
I tried to worm some treats out of one of my favourite humans, Estea.
Wally tried to get something from the Alph, but I told him that he was barking up the wrong tree.
A group photo taken by the Food Lady,
and more treats.
Then we all plodded home, including my friend Mac.
Time for a quick cup of tea and a last paddle. An utterly perfect day at the beach. Thanks to Estea and her helpers for organising it! At the end of each walk, donations to a pet shelter are collected. This month it was for Fallen Angels dog shelter.

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