09 March 2016

A plea

Is your foot better yet oh Food Lady? We really want to go and shout at the dogs down the road. Pleeeeze.
What is the matter? Why are we not going out? We are both a bit bemused and a bit uneasy about all this sitting around. 
No luck with the sedentary Food Lady - so we tried the Alph.
And got lucky! (Even after a whole day of work and a spin at the gym.) We love our Alph!
Maggie-May and Kirby's mother sent us this photo of all the people she saw when they all went to Tokai Park to show how terribly sorry they were for the family and friends of Franziska Blöchliger who was murdered in Tokai Park - one of our favourite walking places in all the world.  
This is a photo of Franziska - a beautiful, happy and much loved 15-year old girl. We are all so so sorry and sad. Who could have done this? "Please, I am very small mis'able dog ! ... I do not understand ! ... I do not understand."*
* From Thy Servant a Dog by Rudyard Kipling.

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