13 March 2016

Unable to resist THE STARE ...

Is there any chance of a walk this morning? Is there? Is there? IS THERE?
Did you say "greenbelt"? Or was I hallucinating? You did?
Unable to resist my beseeching looks, the Alph drove us all down to the greenbelt - and we set off with tails high,
while the Food Lady and her fat foot sat on a bench in the shade and waited for us. The bench is dedicated to someone the Alph knew.
The Food Lady watched lots and lots of dogs arriving - even some Bosties - and dropping their landmines all over the field. Not one owner picked up despite lots of notices pleading with people to scoop up the poop.
We had a lovely walk with the Alph meanwhile, complete with swim
and a satisfying roll afterwards.
The Food Lady was happy to see them arriving back as it was getting a bit chilly and windy sitting under the oaks.
Must we go home now? 

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