04 May 2016

Two Scottie Walks

Firstly, the Food Lady says apologies for no blogging for the last two months. This is catch up now. We had two Scottie Walks in the Jack Muller Park with the Food Lady hobbling on her broken foot. Here is Junette with Maggie-May and Kirby. I don't trust Maggie May ever since she bit my nose. But Kirby is ok.
Some new developments in the park.
Jeremy walking off with Maggie May and the mad Lad
while Kirby tried to get a stick out of Junette's hand.
The terrible twins.
There were lots of new puppies too - eeeuw.
Not my scene - high-fiving pups. Laddie taking an interest.
I am not amused.
And neither is old Mac.
Some of the humans found a Common Fiscal that was caught up in some plastic netting and Junette and Maggie set it free. 
 We also got to meet Deirdre who is a famous Scottie rescue lady from Facebook.
Kirby's gnashers.
Deirdre (on the right) chatting to some of the Cape Town Scotties and their humans.
The Alph and me.
The Food Lady just loves to photograph ants for iSpot,
as well as these April Fool flowers - Haemanthus coccineus -
and some late March Lilies - Amaryllis belladonna.
This little pup's name is Bella. And she is a donna.
Picnic time.
Cheerio Mac - till next time.

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