12 May 2016

Happy walk

Lots of things to be happy about. We are back on the mountain as the Food Lady's foot is almost better. It is mother's day so Phil and Harvey joined us at Silvermine AND its the Alph's birthday and there is dog biltong for tea. Honey and Sue came, as well as Tessa and Thea, Paul and Pauline. Tails up and off we go.
The Alph had to keep stopping to answer his cellphone but he managed to catch up as the Food Lady is quite slow still - and there was a lot to photograph!
Everywhere were oxalis flowers - harbingers of winter and dampness. These spiky-leaved ones are probably Finger Sorrel (Oxalis polyphylla).
Fluffy little bulbines - like this one without leaves pointing to it being Bulbine favosa,
and a fat-stemmed one with stubby leaves - Bulbine praemorsa. The species name means 'to die prematurely' - because the flowers only last a day.
And a few dainty, pink Autumn Pipes (Gladiolus brevifolius) flowers.
Tea time and Harvey being his usual "in your face" self. But I am fond of the fellow most of the time - except when he bites my tail, then I try and take off his nose with my teeth.
And it is just a moment until he has to scream off after an imaginary monster and I just move in.
The bubbles were popped,
and Thea's delicious sandwiches produced,
and we all ate our biltong in 0.0005 seconds flat - except Honey of course who just couldn't force hers down.
Sue's new bird mug.
Thea, Tessa, Pauline, the Alph, Harvey, Phil, Lad, Paul and Sue - with Honey and me somewhere in the shadows.
Dog alert! Dog alert!
And off they sped.
Honey saying happy bowwowthday to the Alph.
Harvey and Tessa were besties for the walk. Here is Phil trying to persuade him to calm down just a notch.
The eau-de-vie pond. Tessa and Harvey took the plunge,
but it looked too deep for the Lad and me.
Some more white oxalis flowers growing amongst wooly sedges in the path - Oxalis punctata.
The Alph keeping me company when I needed a rest. I find the long gravel trudge home in the heat a bit much for a 10-year old black Scot.
Thanks Alph.
Another oxalis for the Food Lady - this one Oxalis luteola - with some teeny tiny pink Oxalis minuta in the top left corner.
A quick drink in the Wolfkop carpark dam,
and the final push to the finish. #pooped
Phew. Made it. Now lets get home for lunch!

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