05 May 2016

Birthdays, Betty's Bay and the BestieBostie.

On Friday evening Clare arrived and fetched the spaniels. All is sooo quiet here. On Saturday morning it was the Food Lady's birthday and we went for a lovely stroll in the Oak Avenue greenbelt.
The Lad looking like a ghost Scottie.
Then, once again, we were left at home while they went gallivanting off to Betty's Bay for some R&R.
Lydia from New Zealand, the Alph, Helen, Paul and Katherine on the bridge at the Harold Porter gardens.
Helen and Lydia waiting for the slow Food Lady to catch up at Kleinmond (sore phoot and phlower photography no doubt causing the delay).
Bird watching at Betty's Bay with Helen and Paul - who also had a birthday.
Ice creams in Kleinmond.
The penguins blew the Food Lady away!
Even dogs are allowed to go and see them.
A snary penguin.
Lucky dassie that we weren't there to chase it into the sea.
A troop of baboons walked right past the house where they stayed. What a fun place!
The Food Lady played with her new bird ap and collected lots of ticks for the Betty's Bay birdlist.
And a new tick for the flower list too. Paul spotted this magnificent endemic erica - the Hangklip Heath (Erica porteri).
Luckily we also had fun because Phil and Kerryn came to stay, with our bestieBostie (seen here cooling off in the fish pond).
We went for some lovely walks in their car.
The wolf pack at Newland Forest.
And met a new friend who came to play for the day - Merka the fawn Frenchie.
When they came back, Phil had made me a fire as it is starting to get a bit chilly here.
Kerryn had left for a business trip, but Phil and Harv stayed for a bit -which was a lovely end for the Food Lady's birthday weekend.

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