05 May 2016

Spaniels to stay

We always walk with our spaniel "cousins" and human grandmother on Fish Hoek beach on Friday mornings, as we did this last windy Friday, followed by tea and an explore of Omie Dome's house. Then we say good-bye and leave them to it. BUT recently, the Food Lady and the Alph went to Fish Hoek and kidnapped the spaniels and brought them home.
Thomas is not really amused and wants to go home.
And Aiden was confused and a bit sad.
But then Thomas discovered that the pool net makes a perfect spaniel pond.
And they discovered that we had a cat to chase. Thomas hates cats almost as much as we do. (But the Food Lady gets so cross with us if we try and chase her that we have given up.)
But Thomas didn't know that and chased her over the fence.
I waited for the fireworks.
The two bad dogs. Actually there were no fireworks - just a fence put up so we can't get near to the cat now.
The idiot Lad and terrible Thomas have lots of fun together. Aiden and I are not quite as juvenile.
Lad and I showed them where to expect the neighbours cat to come over the fence sometimes.
And the best squirrel trees.
And Thomas and Laddie chased each other round and round.
We also took them to the greenbelt for a walk- with Aiden barking all the way -
where we met Paddington and Rupert and Margie
who helped the Food Lady with the spaniels who cant be trusted off their leads yet.
We still don't know why the spaniels have been kidnapped, but we are having lots of fun.

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