29 June 2016

Fishy Scotty walk

On Sunday the Scotty Walk was on our favourite beach - Fish Hoek.
We met some new friends,
and some old friends. In fact Laddie just didn't know which way to turn!
I nearly lost myself in all the black Scots but luckily I had my tartan bandana on from Alice and Omie Domes so I could be identified.
Meeting Skye who is 16 years old! And I was feeling old at 10 years.
One of the puppies - Mac.
And Charlie with his brother.
Laddie with Mac's baby brother Milo,
who was a bit alarmed by Laddie's overbearing behaviour.
There were treats all round - the best part of the Scottie walks!
One of the Scottie moms brought biscuits for the humans as well.
This one looks a bit like Milo.
Another cheeky wheaten called MacGuyver.
And two handsome black Scots.
There was a group photo - you can just see me in front of the Alph. Laddie is right at the end.
Snippie with her mom.
Mila and MacGuyver.
And last, but not least, old Mac.

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