09 June 2016

Two birthdays and a departure

This will have to be rather quick as the Food Lady is off to Greece with the Alph and is rushing around packing suitcases and composing a speech for Olivia's 21st birthday.
This is Margie, giver of many treats, dispensing miniature chocolate mousses at the party.
But we did manage a walk on Sunday with Pauline and Paul. We walked up Ou Kraal all the way to Kalk Bay Peak where we had tea with delicious bubbles to celebrate Pauline's birthday. 
The Food lady was happy to find this little orchid (Liparis capensis) in the middle of the path - just where we found it two years ago.
When we came to the bottom of Spes Bona I was put on the lead because last time I got lost here, or so they thought.
Then the next day Margie came to fetch them and the said goodbye and just drove off leaving us behind. 

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