28 September 2016

Desert desertion

The humans are back from their desert wanderings in the Richtersveld,
although this doesn't look much like a desert to me. But they said it was too hot and dry for Scotties. Fibbers.
At their first night's camping stop at Aquacade, they were welcomed by a pug called Meisie,
and this handsome fellow welcomed them to the entrance to the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park at Sendelingsdrift.
At least they took some pillows to remind them of me while they were away.
There were lots of weird plants for the Food Lady - like this Halfmens (Pachypodium namaquanum)  next to Sue.
And lots of weird rock formations - this is the Paw of DOG on the left, and the Hand of GOD in the centre.
They were also treated to amazing firefly displays every night at De Hoop Campsite. They are actually beetles (Lampyris).
Sometimes it seems they were a bit confused as to which way to go,
but luckily Sue was there to put them on the right track.
The happy campers: Food Lady, Alph, Ian, Georgia, Sue (blue hat), Dorothy and Peter. They are standing in front of the most-photographed Giant Kokerboom in the park - it used to be called Aloe pillansii, but some nitppicker has changed the name to Aloidendron pillansii. These aloes are red-listed as Endangered due to climate change-related population decline and over-collecting.
While they were away, Clare looked after us and took us on lovely walks. Here we are with Margie and Clare on Rondebosch Common
with my buddies Rupert and Paddington. Thanks Clare!

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