09 December 2016

Three hot dogs among the hot flowers

We had no takers for Sunday morning's walk - except for Harvey who was visiting - so it was just us in the fynbos. At the start of our climb up - and up - there were lots of golden yellow Tritoniopsis parviflora flowers that rather delayed the photographing phood lady.
But we eventually got to the top.
Measuring iridescent pollen-tipped flower "feelers" and concluding that is was Dilatris corymbosa.
An early Watsonia tabularis - endemic to Table Mountain - glowing in the fynbos.
Me listening for small animal scrabblings in the Rough Ragwort (Senecio rigidus).
Lordy - do I have to scramble up that steep rock?
More good smells amongst the tall tetraria - Bergpalmiet (Tetraria thermalis) soon to be re-allocated to a new genus.
A rather pretty, very fine, pollen-laden frilly grass.
And lots of hot little Yellow Disa (Disa tenuifolia) flowers.
We came upon a friendly Shar Pei which was very exciting and we all said hello to him.
Then we all started feeling the heat. After all it was almost 11 and teatime.
Laddie seems undecided about which road to take,
but the Food Lady read the sign and confirmed that me and the Alph were on the right track to Lower Steenberg Peak.
Scintillating jewel ericas - the appropriately named Bead Heath (Erica multumbellifera).
I found a cool and shady cave to linger longer and take my time squeezing through. I rather fancy this caving business. I think I was built for it.
A red hot little Crassula obtusa that loves to grow on hot sandstone ledges.
Teatime at last and a welcome breather in the shade.
Oh dear, Lad's lost his ear again ...
Another little orchid called Eulophia aculeata, or it was until recently but now it seems to have changed its name to Orthochilus aculeatus.
And HARVEY's flower - Harveya purpura - but he was too busy to come and be photographed with his flower,
so we just walked on, past the giant Golden Disa (Disa cornuta),
and past the glowing green Erica urna viridis
until I got too hot to walk and the Food Lady put me in my new special bag and carried me down the mountain and home.

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