13 December 2016

Kisses for Mother Christmas

On Sunday we had our Christmas Scottie walk in the Jack Muller Park in Bellville. It was quite hot. Laddie was very happy to see Maggie May (exiting stage right) but since she bit my nose, I don't share Lad and the Food Lady's affection for her. I prefer her wonderfully handsome brother, Kirby (stage centre).
As you can see, it was hot and dry.
Poor Blair had to contend with the heat and Laddie's rather embarrassing interest in her! Oh goodness Laddie - can't you be a tad more discreet?
Luckily he and Maggie May had to veer off into the bush to hunt imaginary rodents, which took his mind off Blair. But then he'd remember and tear off to be with her again.
We had a Christmas picnic and Mother Christmas came round with dog popcorn and a gift for all the Scotties. Here is Lad getting his popcorn.
Some of the puppies were so happy and full of love and thankfulness that they had to kiss Mother Christmas' beard. Such show-offs. They didn't realize that it was Estea dressed up. And if you look in the distance, you can see Kirby with his nose in Mother Christmas' sack. What a clever boy.
The Food Lady photographing Mila the silly licky pup.
And another beard-kisser - little Mac. I must say, he is full of fun - just as long as he doesn't come and live with me.
Lad's gift - biscuits and a dog "aquatoy". I thought we should give it to Kirby but he said he prefers stinky-sticks to chase and retrieve - he would shred this poodle-toy in seconds.
And my present was a packet of delicious dog biltong. The Food Lady confiscated it immediately and only let me have a small taste. But hope to have more during the course of the week.
And here are Bailey and Angus with their humans Le Roux and Melanie with all the goodies we collected at the Scottie Walk for the pet rescue centre, Fallen Angels.

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