28 October 2008

Along the Hoerikwaggo Trail

Well that was quite a walk. Thea, Sue, my two humans, Lucy-the-vet, Richard back from England, Hanneke from Holland and Dougal and I set off soon after 8 am from Constantia Nek Restaurant, and walked up this rather strange corridor between two fences with an escort of lots of jack russells and that fox terrier that Dougal wanted to lay into earlier. It was very hot and treeless as we walked up to a place that sounds a bit like my humans' serious swear word (Vlakkenberg) and I was really pleased to find 3 ladies to shelter under (you can just see me in the photo at the top). Then after a quick dip in a little stream, things got better and the fynbos came back and we eventaully got to this lovely rock with moss and orchids, and had tea while the humans oohed and aahed at the view.

The Food Lady did her usual thing with her camera, and took lots of flower photos including this Satyrium bicorne orchid (above) which has a funny common name of Ewwa Trewwa and this yellow ixia, Ixia dubia. There were lots of insects about for the Food Lady to take photos of too - this one above is of a net-winged beetle with another gogga on its back.
It got a bit hot for us, and the humans kept throwing water at us which we DON'T like. But I suppose it did cool us down, and when we came round the corner and saw Hout Bay harbour and the sea-which was just squirming with whales-there was a bit of a breeze and some shady spots to regain our Scottie composure in.

We made it down to East Fort and into the Land Rover, then we took everyone back to Constantia Nek to their cars. Then at home we all collapsed (well almost - I still had to do a bit of barking at the gate).
*for more info on net-winged beetles and other goggas, see http://www.biodiversityexplorer.org/beetles/lycidae/index.htm.

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