20 October 2008


Really sad news.

Georgie the beautiful bouvier and my role model, died this morning at about 6 am of a heart attack. Luckily for her it was peacefully,and at her home. She had had a nice walk on Sunday and had eaten supper and had a normal night. Then according to Alice, her human, she just fell over this morning and was in a bit of distress until she just stopped breathing.

I will really really miss her. I know she thought I was an irritating upstart and said "Buzz off" when I was in her face too much, but I loved her and wanted to be just like her when I grew up. My humans are pretty upset too.

Georgie was 14 years old. This photo is of Georgie on one of our walks up Steenberg Peak. There is another photo of her lower down in my list of best friends too.

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