17 October 2008

Just Nuisance's Grave

Last Sunday - 12 October - Lucy-the-vet, Graham from Kirstenbosch, Alpha Male (Stephen), the Food Lady (Caroline) and I (and, of course, Dougal ) walked up the 300 odd steps to pay our respects to Able Seaman Just Nuisance.

We had done a bit of scrambling through bushes and rather boring photographing of some insignificant, but apparently extremely rare and endemic little plant called Lachenalia capensis earlier, so it was a relief to eventually have some tea and our rusk.

Just Nuisance's grave is in front of some deserted old buildings which are to become the last overnight camp to be built for the 6-day Hoerikwaggo Tented Classic Hiking Trail. (See the Foodlady's post The Hoerikwaggo Trails on http://veldfloraed.blogspot.com/). On our way down again we saw a lovely waterfall that we want to come back and explore.

There is an interesting website on Just Nuisance at

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