11 January 2009

Boardwalk bunscrum

Oh joy - the humans actually took us somewhere where there were LOTS of dogs. Alice was with us today which was my best - I LOVE Alice - but I miss Georgie a lot. Sue, Lucy and Richard came too. We walked up from Newlands Forest to the contour path and had tea on the boardwalk which was fantastic because half of Cape Town and their dogs joined us. There was even a HUGE hairy Newfoundland! I just didnt know which group to join. Dougal was his usual grumpy self and after snarling rudely he was put on the lead to cool off a bit.

There were lot of ericas making a purple haze on the mountain slope - apparently they are Erica hirtiflora or the Table Mountain Hairy Heath.
This picture is of Sue with another type of erica called Erica abietina subsp. atrorosea or the Red Heath.
Back down near the car park we saw a pretty tree called Ochna serrulata or the Mickey Mouse Bush. Apparently the Rameron Pigeon or the African Olive Pigeon as it is now known (that we saw a bit higher up earlier on) enjoys eating the fruit. For more about the tree see http://www.plantzafrica.com/plantnop/ochnaserrulat.htm and for more about the pigeon see http://fernkloof.com/species.mv?80

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