07 January 2009

Rainbows, snails and looong walks

The humans took us back to the Land of Burrs for a whole week.
We had a rather fun first night with Arti and Gabriel, but their parents looked a bit tired and lacking in sleep. Gabriel and I had a lot of fun in the wind on the beach, and back home, Arti and I vied for Arti's soft baby blanket that has a lovely padded rim - perfect for me.

We went for lots of long walks, and the highlight was a close encounter with a seal on the beach. We thought it was dead, but as we got up to it it leapt up, barked at us and flopped back into the sea. Dougal was keen to get to grips with it, and I am keen to do whatever Dougal does, but our humans started yelling, and so we thought it prudent to just stay just out of reach of it.
It was quite rainy and windy, and we had some wonderful walks up and down the coast, until I was quite walked out.

We also saw this HUGE snail that came up to the cottage door. There were lots of them in the dunes too. (They are giant African land snails, Achatina zebra, indigenous to South Africa.) And a few really spectacular rainbows.

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