25 December 2009

Dingos and Beagles

Dear Coco
Yesterday we said our farewells to Lucy (the lordly poodle from Melbourne) and indeed, to Australia and its dingos. We didn't actually see any dingos but saw a strange painting of dingos in an art gallery in Melbourne. An artist called Nyurparya Nelson painted this funny one called Papa Tjukurpa (Dingo creation story) which is about the Ancestral Period in Australia when all the dogs left their camp and travelled to Irrunytju rockhole, where the artist was born. Here the artist depicts the Papa tjiltji (the baby dingos) playing in the sand hills. Bit weird what?This was a better painting of what they look like. And here are some regular schnauzers that came to say hello when we were walking with Lucy in her posh Melbourne suburb. (Their human Alpha Male was an ex teacher from Bishops. )When we got to Auckland last night, a beagle came and sniffed out our bags at the airport. I was a bit alarmed! But apparently it was sniffing for food. We didn't have any food but I think it could smell the rusks and tea we had in those very bags a few weeks ago. Or maybe it could smell you and Dougal.
Any way, we miss you very much. Please send our love to Dougal and Simon and have a happy Christmas. By the time you wake up, we will have finished our Christmas here! Mad.
love from the Foodlady

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