02 December 2009

Up Pecks with Josie

Last Sunday was a mostly girl walk with Alice (still my most most best) and Pauline (in the photo above), Lucy, Sue, the Food Lady and Josie. Dougal stood in for the alpha male who is still in the ranks of the walking wounded. Standards have definitely been raised with the arrival of Josie who is a very clean, very refined Maltese who only drinks out of her own bowl, and who doesn't eat human or ordinary dog food because she has allergies and needs her own special food. We all set off up Pecks which was very hot. Sue set a blistering pace, you can see her and Lucy in the photo above, behind the clump of Syncarpha vestita (Cape Snow). And here I am near the top - shouting encouragement to the stragglers.
Tea was a rather windy affair, but the rusks were yummy. And some of the humans discovered that a liquorice buchu grew here.... (possibly Agathosma ciliaris).

Dougal really likes this walk and got stuck into some serious rodent hunting, forgetting his alpha duties completely. Can you spot him in this photo?

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