22 December 2009

Letter from Melbourne

Dear Coco
We are now in Melbourne. You and Dougal would love it here as there are possums in the garden where we are staying. They are like big squirrels with long tails. A very nice Miniature French Poodle called Lucy lives here too. Here she is being left behind while we went sight-seeing.
We went to this park called the Fitzroy Gardens and saw this statue of Diana and her hounds. There was also an amazingly Fairy Tree filled with creatures carved into its trunk.
Steve Booth took us to the beach at Port Philip and we looked for Little Pengins but didnt see any - but we did see was giant Silver Gull! Not quite the flowers we see on our walks, but here are some King Proteas for sale at a market in Melbourne.
Please send my love to Dougal. I hope he is not eating all your food!
Must go to bed now, I am rather tired.
love The FL

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